A magical corner at the

Heart of the white city

Pinat Masaryk (Masaryk corner) is a luxurious residential project offering an international quality of life in the throbbing heart of Tel Aviv. The unique combination of cutting-edge planning, current design that relates and blends with its surroundings with incredible coordination and finishes in standards never seen before, together with the rare location within a green lung, make Masaryk corner into a once in a lifetime residential opportunity. This is the re-growth of a beautiful historical corner. New and old synchronizing perfectly.

An International

Standard of Luxury

Masaryk corner is a luxurious residential project 7 floors high. The historical National Security building lot will be redesigned as a residential building with 16 spacious luxury apartments. Its optimal location between the city's cultural centers, near the sea, on the way from Dizengoff Center to Rabin Square (the Municipal Building), allow for an easy natural access to all that the white city has to offer. The best technological and innovative solutions have been

implemented in the meticulous design, to create an especially comfortable living experience. This is the place for anyone wishing to feel the city at the highest level, for those who still yearn for the urban way of life.

Experience Tel Aviv

With a fresh view

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Apt No. 2 3 4
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Apt No. 8 9 10
Garden Apt. 11 12 13
Apt No. 14 15
Penthouse 16

About the


The project was designed by Bar Orian Architects.
The office was established in 1990 by a couple of architects,
graduates of architecture and city planning studies in the
Technion. Over the years the office has established itself a
leader in urban renewal projects in Tel Aviv-Yafo.
Urban renewal is considered at the office as a delicate weave
combining learning the architectural history of the city of all its
periods and styles while managing an ongoing dialogue between
the past the present and the future of the urban surroundings.
This is the case in this project, where the design preserves the
past and enhances the present of Masaryk square.
The office is responsible for the planning of hundreds of
projects in the residential, preservation, commerce, saturated
construction and business complexes.

About the

Interior Design

The interior design for this project is carried out by
Nestor Sandbank, interior designer who graduated
architecture studies in Milan.
Nestor Sandbank specializes in architecture and design of villas
and luxury homes for the upper crust, boutique shops and
luxury hotels in Israel and all over the world,
for the past 20 years.
Nestor is considered one of the most busy and talented
architects in our country.
Nestor is also known for his design flexibility and his ability
to plan and design in a wide variety of styles.
Lately Nestor won worldwide fame after planning and designing
a unique one of a kind house named CUBES.

About the


Cnaan Group
Cnaan Group is owned by CPA Eyal Hendler and his associates Meir Tal and Niv Rom. The group is engaged in real estate development for investment, organizing and escorting managed purchase groups, initiating urban renewal complexes (relocation projects) and initiating urban plan 38 (Tama 38) and has a lot of experience with constructing many residential projects throughout Israel.
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G.F.N is an investment,
entrepreneurship and real estate
company. Mr. Yossi Granot is an
associate manager, who previously
managed the Ofer Brothers Real
Estate company and the Malibu